Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt

So, on Friday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt. (Good Friday: Good for the Matics, but probably not so great for, say, Jesus Christ, what with being crucified and all. Thank goodness that story has a happy ending.)

Beth, one of my two live-in-the-flesh momfriends, invited us. Here she is with the inestimable Nina and Sam, her twins who are D's best buds:

While we were there, we met Erin and her son Jack. Again. Turns out we'd actually met in the grocery store when the kids were 3 months old, exchanged numbers and promptly entered into the "I-wonder-how-she's-doing, it's-been-too-long-to-call-now" stage.
Hosting the party was the lovely Shana, who has a rather large 11-week-old Huck strapped to her chest. She also has a 2 1/2 year old, Gus. And yes, Beth is pregnant. I don't drink the water in their neighborhood anymore.

So here is D's version of what happened:

Oh, sweet, there's stuff in here. Do we, like, get to KEEP what we find?
Yep, that's affirmative, Mama. Beth said we get to keep whatever's in our egg. Sweet.
Dude, how did he get an egg with that truck in it?? And all I got was this lousy pinecone?

Ok, big guy, watch and learn: Sam's the master, and if he can get a truck out of an egg, you can too.

Nina, honey, I need your help. Which egg has the truck in it?

Nina, hon, I need you to focus. Which. Egg. Has. The. Truck?

You know what, Nina? I guess what I really want in my Easter basket is...YOU! Grass and all.

Happy Easter, internets. Hope the day brought a resurrection to your spirit and renewal to your mind and body!