Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where I've been

I’m not dead. I’m here, I’m trying to catch up on blogreading, so if I haven’t left a comment, it’s only because I’m lazy and not because your wit isn’t as sparkly as it used to be. Although to be fair, blogger has been peevish lately, so often, it’s not even that I’m lazy.

I’ve been away, and while I’ve been gone, you people have been busy. Many of you have been frittering slaving away the hours describing the reality of motherhood as compared to the propaganda cover-up we got from books that actually say things like “you will wonder what you ever did without a baby” (I mean, come ON, I love my son deeply [ah, the phrase that MUST precede any complaint about the difficulty of motherhood] but yes, I remember what life was like before baby: lots of sleeping in and having sex/watching a movie/eating junk whenever we wanted). Even more of you are talking about—or at least around—the now-famous post by my girl MIM, and a very lucky, select group of you punks actually got to meet each other! No fair!

But the Parent-matic Whirlwind Western Wandering has been completed and I’d say it was a qualified success. First, we found a most excellent preschool for D. I love this place so much that I am seriously considering applying for a job there if things don’t work out elsewhere [more on that later]. They use the Reggio Emilia method, which might as well be called How Mommymatic Would Run a Preschool if She Knew Anything About Kids. I have mentioned my lack of enthusiasm for daycare in my personal family situation (that’s what we call a disclaimer, kids: I don’t mind daycare in general, just am not crazy about it in my own sitch), but this place made ME want to bring my blankie, plunk down for ‘music and movement’ and ask “what’s for snack?”

Also, and perhaps most excitingly, we are Under Contract for this totally adorable house (yes, it's pink. But did I mention the fireplace in the master bedroom?).

For those of you who don’t believe in God, the fact that we found this house could easily be, as Anne Lamott says, called “Exhibit A.” Seriously. The day before and the day of finding the house, I SOBBED IN DESPAIR over the offerings available in our price range. Anything that didn’t have a creative interpretation of the words “3 bedrooms” (actual utterance by Daddymatic: “doesn’t it need to at least have a door and/or a closet to be a bedroom?”) was really, really far from Salt Lake proper and whatever native charm it might have had was sucked out by freeway noise and the presence of strip malls on all sides. So we got lucky with this baby. I don’t want to jinx myself by going on and on about how nice it is, but dude, it is. Decent location, nice remodel job, good space in which the Wee One can play, etc., etc.

So that's where I've been...I have other stuff percolatin', so I hope to have more updatage this week. But enough about are YOU?