Thursday, March 02, 2006

I need help (but you knew that)

I want a good tag line. You know, like Mom-101's "I don't know what I'm doing either" or Cookie's "My life as a professional amateur." I was going to full-out steal borrow Misfit Hausfrau's "Better living through yelling" (and give her credit, OF COURSE!) since she isn't using it anymore, but then I thought, shoot, I have the most funny, creative, adorable, not-immune-to-being-flattered people stopping by the ol' blog, so maybe they can help!!

So I'm caving in to the new blogtrend and offering a prize for some help. Unfortunately, I'm on a grad-student budget, so I can't offer custom onesies or softies or cool t-shirts, but I'll make you a cute (read: very simple) tote bag with your offpring's picture on it. I made one for Heather and she kinda dug it and wrote about it and posted pics of it here. Or I can get Daddymatic to make you a suh-weet treat. (he's the baker in the family, and D and I are the eaters).

So help a sistah out, wontcha? Post your ideas in the comments section. Bee-bee sent me an email with the line "If it's not one thing, it's your mother" in it, which *is* a contender, but I know you guys can come up with something even bettah!! I'll announce the winner--and unveil the new tag line-- in a week.