Monday, February 13, 2006

He's ba-ack

So Daddymatic has been home about a week from his whirlwind International Please-give-me-a-job Tour. We missed him so much, and it's great to have him back. Even if I didn’t love him so darn much, I would be deeply grateful for his return because it meant a reprieve from single parenthood.

So anyway, during one of his lightning switch-suits-get-underwear-and-wash-some-shirts stopovers, he was just dog-tired and he said, “I think I finally know the difference between being tired and being fatigued. Being tired is like, ‘Man, I got up too early this morning. I need to go to bed earlier.’ And fatigued is like…”

He trailed off, and I thought about the events of the past weeks, the 25 loads of laundry, the 12 trips to the grocery store, the 62 diaper changes, 13 baths, 3 outings to the library, 6 trips to the pool, the 39 high-chair-tray wipedowns, 15 naps, 34 bottles and the 876 repititions of "not in the mouth, sweetie." And I put my hand on his, looked deeply into his eyes and as gently and nicely as I could, I said, "Sweetie? I think I know the difference between 'tired' and 'fatigued'."

To his credit, my amazing spouse smiled and said "Oh. Yeah. I guess it's kinda like my saying, 'I know you're in labor, but this hangnail is the most painful thing EVER,' a la Ross and Rachel. Sorry." I assured him this wasn't what I meant--it's just that when you feel so exhausted, you're sure no one else can understand. But we all do. So now we're catching up. It is deeply, deeply cool to have our Daddymatic back.

And I know I bitch about all the laundry I do, but for the love of LOST, what about the cuteness of these diapers?! It's. just. too. much

Come on, Foo. You know you want the Boy in Blue.

I can almost hear him singing "Baby in reeeeeed, is looking at me"