Monday, January 30, 2006

Sa-tur-day in the park

Okay, I am feeling lazy today, and these dang pix from when the weather was so nice this weekend are so cute I can hardly bear to have them in the camera, so here's another picture-story. (PS: Note the righteous black and gold outfit: GO STEELERS!)

Whoa--foul ball! I got it, I got it.

Who's open?


I have HAD IT with the personal foulage, woman!

I'm outta here.

Hey, look, pinecones.

Now, don't go getting all hysterical. I'm not going to eat one or anything.

I'm not STEW-PID. Sheesh.

Well, maybe just a taste.

Like you "just tasted" that half-gallon of ice cream the other night.

You wanna get down with this?


You don't know what you're missing.

Oh, yeah, I'm a swinger.

You know what I mean.