Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feelin' the love--in so many ways

Okay, first up today, I gotta give some love. Some really fine peeps have been saying nice stuff about me, and I’m all but chucking my head into my shoulder, toeing the ground with my shoe and saying “Aw, shucks.” Especially since the three people saying nice stuff are arguably the best blog writers (blogaristo/blogarista?) I know! So thanks to Belinda, over at Ninja Poodles, who doesn’t believe there are only 3 of you faithful readers. But it was true until she told people to come over here and read this thang! Now, I’ve done some quick calculations, and I figured if 1/10 of her readers come and read Mommymatic, I’ll quadruple my readership, which is aaaawesome. So I return the favor: give her blog a read. Even if you don’t like poodles. Or toddlers. Or Arkansas. Because she has a funny take on ALL that mess!

Secondly, I think you’ve seen me mention in, say, every other post, my tag-team blog-idols, Wood and Dutch. Dutch has a paying gig (yes, you read that right: he is paid to blog) over at blogging baby, and he mentioned my MILF post and suddenly, my hits went up like mad. I got so much more traffic than usual, I was afraid the blogger people were going to call and make sure I wasn’t suddenly hosting free porn or giving away lattes or something. So thanks, Dutch. You did a sistah right.

And then there’s Cookie Lady. If you haven’t read Bite My Cookie, well, git on over there and read it! Because she is not only a hilarious and talented writer, but she features almost daily pix of her daughter, Foo. To say that Foo is cute is like saying Idi Amin had kind of an egotistic attitude problem. PLUS you will see where the inspiration for Heavy D’s multiple D-names came from (at least for me. Lisa’s come from her own genius head).My two faves are Oscar Foo La Hoya and Elle Mc Foo-son. See? You’re laughing already. I told you, she’s good.

And finally, love to someone who doesn’t even know me but who was kind enough to give away delurking buttons like the new one we’re sporting here—“If you don’t comment, you’re letting the terrorists win.” Sheryl posted them on her blog for the rest of us vultures to borrow, and I’m glad she did, ‘cause I was going to have to find a way to gank them if she didn’t.

Okay, so now that that’s done, let’s get down to bidness. My child, as you know, has something of an oral fixation. That is, he chews on EVERYTHING. Please see tiny gnaw marks on exhibits A-D.

Exhibit A: the arm of the futon

Exhibit B:A windowsill

Exhibit C: Mommy's childhood rocking chair

Exhibit D: Not even the books are safe!

See? Totally not kidding. So I’ve been kind of in a loop of frustration lately, because he either chews on everything (usually the kind of stuff you see here and not, of course, his toys and other assorted chewing-approved items) or needs to have a pacifier in. And then today I remembered that a friend of mine had mentioned a common household item that was her SALVATION when her third child was teething. I was at my wits’ end, so I gave it a try. Wanna know what it is?

Yep, a toothbrush. And not even a fancy pay-too-much-for-it child’s toothbrush, either (BTW, did you know that kids aren’t supposed to play with kid-sized toothbrushes? It says right on the package that children aren’t supposed to use their toothbrushes “unsupervised.” Uh, why? Are we afraid they’ll overlook one of their incisors? They’ll overdo the plaque removal? They’ll miss any chance they ever had to contract gingivitis? I’ll take my chances!) A plain ol’ no-name brand, too-big-to-be-a-coking-hazard soft-bristled brush. And he LOVES it— I only managed to snag that pic of it because he’s napping. He sounds like a hot-and-heavy high school couple as he walks around the apartment, sucking and smacking. It’s a little indecent here what with all the sound effects, but shoot, he’s happy, my furniture/cats/books are happy, what’s not to love? I can put up with gurgles of pleasure and saliva music if that’s what it takes.