Sunday, January 15, 2006

We got this pah-ty started!

So, yesterday, we had a little soiree at Chez Familymatic for the D-train (as my friend Lisa calls him). Even though Daddymatic told everybody not to, they brought lots of gifts. Really good gifts. With crinkly, crinkly paper and yummy bows.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It was really fun. I thought our little guy would kinda freak since our apartment is so small and with 12 adults and 4 kids under 15 months, it felt a little cramped. But he really had a great time--flirting with his honorary Aunt Emily and being thrown in the air by his honorary Unky Jon, attempting to take a pacifier from his girlfriend Nina (yeah, she's an older woman--she's THIRTEEN months), and, of course, eating the awesome cake his daddy made for him. (I have been told I should mention that the cake was healthy, which is was, because then people won't think it was delicious, which it also was. But we had grocery store sheet cake for the healthiness haters, anyway). Here he is, letting me blow out the candle and then enjoying some cake. More pix on the flickr site--click in the photobox on the left side of da blog to go see 'em

It was very interesting to watch D-Lovah around his age peers since (other than weekly visits with Nina and her twin brother Sam) he doesn't get much face time with other babes. One thing Daddymatic and I both noticed is that he walked more--a LOT more. He was probably walking 70% of the time. Of course, today, he was back to about 50/50, but still--he proved he can walk almost all the time. He also was so taken in by what was going on that he ceased for several hours from earning his new nickname ("D-stroyah"), which is to say that more than two hours went by without mommy or daddy repeating their "Not in the mouth, sweetie" mantra 587,364 times.

While we're on the subject, does anyone know when the incessant chewing on everything/putting everything in the mouth stage ends? Or what to do about a child who, say, chews on furniture? He's worse than the cats--he even took a chunk out of our WINDOWSILL today. This is the same windowsill that was hard enough to break one of Daddymatic's drill bits, but apparently is no match for baby teeth.


Oh, and the only time he doesn't put stuff in his mouth? You guessed it: when he's in his high chair, surrounded by food.

Welcome to toddlerhood.