Sunday, January 08, 2006

6 for ’06: Top six things Heavy D does right now that I love:

(6) He has learned to climb onto and into things. He climbs in our little plastic portable sink and into a wicker basket (especially when it’s occupied by a small sleeping black cat). He climbed onto a file box yesterday and was climbing from it ONTO THE SOFA when I busted him. He also managed to climb halfway up Bee-bee and Grampy’s stairs undiscovered. Because I don’t have enough stress in my life, I guess.

(5) Plays games. He can roll a tennis ball like a pro, but his fave game is “I’m gonna getcha” which we say while making scary hands and chasing after him. Once he’s caught, we reverse it with “Where’s mommy/daddy/Grampy/Grandaddy?” as we crawl away and he comes to find us. Apparently, object permanence is still a bit tenuous, though: we discovered that you can’t crawl out of sight completely—he gets a little freaked if he can’t see you at all.

(4) Knows the names of stuff. While he hasn’t managed to utter another word since the “broccoli” incident, he definitely knows the names for things. If you ask him “Where’s daddy?” He looks at Daddymatic. He knows Bee-bee, Grampy, Mama, and—the latest—Lambie who is his kinda smelly, once-white lamb lovey. If Lambie isn’t directly in his line of sight, though, he kind of whimpers the way he does when we play “Where’s mommy?” and tries to find her.

(3) When he’s eating something and manages to get most of whatever it is into his mouth but has just a bit hanging out, he’ll kind of tap the rest in with the back of his hand. It is trés elegant.

(2) When he thinks he’s being funny, he grins and wrinkles his nose and almost snorts in a rakishly cute way. The kid is hammy like a sammidge. I’ll post a pic if I can get one, but our digital camera either flashes so much that he quits before I can take it or captures the image all burry if I don’t use the flash and he moves even the teensiest bit. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong or what I could try? All the other bloggy parents I know seem to get totally presh pictures while ours look like a 3rd grader took them.

(1) And number one iiiiis—walking! Yup, the little fella is having walking episodes all the time, though he still uses crawling as his chief form of locomotion.  I didn’t think I’d be this psyched about stepping over the Infant-Toddler abyss, but hey—parenting is full o’ suprises. We are hopeful he’ll be walking more by his birthday, which is—yipe!—SATURDAY! But more on that later.