Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Okay, since my next-to-last post was about church and the previous one was about Christmas, you might be thinkin' I'm something of a Holy Rollah or at least, in the words of Anne Lamott, a "vaguely Jesusy bon vivant." And I am and I'm not. Much, I’m sure, to the chagrin of my academic peeps, I confess that I do love the Lawd, I really dig my church and I think Jesus was, well, a pretty swell guy. But I don't care much which flavor of religion one chooses nor do I think the whole heaven/hell racket is something God condones. I take the view of Quaker pastor Phillip Gulley, which is to say that if you're gonna believe there's a God, it's just plain silly to think that She (or It, if you will) wouldn't want to--and be able to--spare Its offspring from whatever concept of hell one buys into.

But I digress. This post is about Christmas, about being generally stoked about the season and about being so, so, so excited that it's the D-Unit's first holiday season. While fellow blogger Dutch is probably right that the 10-to-11-month-old set is probably not going to be into caroling, chestnut-roasting and finding the most Griswold-Christmas-esque light displays, I must say I'm amped about the amount of holiday spirit the Boy Wonder has shown thus far.

Since he's mobile now, we figured the big tree was out, but since he loves, as I believe I've mentioned, the fiber-optic lights in the Baby Einstein videos more than anything in the world (other than the kitties), we decided to get a small, completely tacky fiber-optic tabletop tree. I was responsible for procuring this monstrosity, and I must say, I outdid even myself.

It is fourteen inches of faux-evergreen goodness. Not only does it flash through a dizzying amount of colors in a minute's time, it has what the box generously called a "designer gold-tone base," which to the rest of us means it's plastic but has been painted to look like metal. Classy, non? The best part is that it kind of squeaks and groans when it rotates on its base (that's how the lights work). Our pagan cat, M, has decided that this sound is the tree crying out against its servitude to its Christian Overlords (M gets a little touchy around Solstice). But you know, its awfulness is totally worth it because every time Heavy D sees it, his eyes light up in wonder and he sits, transfixed by the wonder of lights.

He seems to dig Christmas music, too, which he'd have to or Daddymatic would probably trade him in for another model. (Okay not really, but seriously, daddymatic loves all Christmas music, from hifalutin' oratorios to 40's jazz vocalists to the Chipmunks, almost more than he loves me and the baby combined.). D is a particular fan of "the twelve days of Christmas" which has replaced "the wheels on the bus" as the official Familymatic Diaper-Changing Distraction soundtrack. Unfortunately, we have to make up as many lines to this one as we did to TWOTB, but hey, it just means we get to throw in Eddie Izzardesque lines like "twelve..monkeys mating."

So we'll see. The fact that D's first birthday is a mere 3 weeks after Christmas means that all the junk he's gonna procure will probably be overwhelming, but I'm hoping that being with our nutty but wonderful families for 3+ weeks will show him that it really ain't about The Man with the Bag anyway...