Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas cards and cheating

Okay, so I am going to be unoriginal (shocker! a mommymatic first?) and say that I hate those stupid newletters people put in their holiday cards. I am sure there are funnier rants on this than the one I've been doing in my head, so I'll move on to say that while I hate them, I AM starting to understand why people do them. Even adding a couple of sentences to the 30+ cards I have to send out is mind-boggling, especially now that all my time appears to be taken up with chasing an 11-month-old, endless laundry, making baby food and, of course, blogging. And reading blogs. And commenting on blogs.

Anyway. I toyed with the idea of a mass letter this year but Daddymatic vetoed it, and since he rarely uses his veto power, I admitted that it was probably a lame thing to do and ditched the idea. But how can I tell everyone what's been going on? How can I catch them up without sacrificing even more sleep and getting a writer's cramp to boot? Then I thought, well, hey, I could just give them the url to the blog! But I feel that's gotta be more tacky than a newletter--it sorta says, "hey, I couldn't even take the time to do a newsletter!"

But I did it anyway, mostly because I am at the time in my life that when I can cheat and turn in the same paper for two assignments, I'm gonna do it. For instance, some of the pictures I've saved over on flickr are becoming cool gifts, thanks to qoop and lulu (thanks to ieatcrayonz for this idea!). The way I see it, my writing might suck, but this blog IS a record of what's going on in our lives, and shoot, if people want to know what we're up to, they can read it.

To ease the pain of the social gaffe I'm sure I committed by doing that, I *did* include a cute picture of the D-unit. What do you think?