Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prepping for the swinging single lifestyle: Gym-bo-ree Redux

So in light of the fact that while Daddymatic makes job-prospective visits to Utah, Toronto, Virginia and New Yawk, I will be a single parent, I tried to take Heavy D to the babysitting they have at my gym yesterday morning as an attempt at a dry run of sorts. As some of you know, I have extremely mixed feelings about at-gym babysitting, as I discussed in this post from long ago, but this will be the only way to maintain the workout momentum I've built up so far. Well, the verdict was: NO DICE. Not in a million years. It was awful--like 30 kids and only three "helpers"--two looked like college kids and one of them would only hold the little babies. What the heck is up with that??

PLUS there weren't even outlet covers on all the outlets!! HEL-LO, people! Outlet covers? I pay $50 in fees every month and you can't spare the $.02 for some outlet covers in THE BABYSITTING ROOM??

And while I'm at it, I might as well tell you that there was NO sign-in, sign-out procedure, so anyone shopping for an extremely cute almost one-year-old with an oral fixation coulda HELPED HIMSELF to my little one! Not that anyone would have noticed, because they were too busy wiping noses, calming screamers and cooing over newborns.

Plus there were meanie older toddlers who kept taking everything from D-Lovah and no one said anything to them. I'm not saying the workers need to be cops or anything, but D is so little. I resisted the urge to smack other people's kids and patientely held my breath to see how D would handle it. He took it like a man, I'm happy to say. I on the other hand--that's a different story.

And did I mention the room was FILTHY? I can only imagine the crap D would eat off the floor in there. Ick. So needless to say, I did NOT leave him there. In fact, I went to another gym that's known for its awesome babysitting (ah! the workers there have uniforms and certifications and stuff! And a sign-in/out system!) but it'd be $75/month to join there and NO pool. Phooey. I hate being a po' grad student.

So I'm mo' fire up the DVD playah and me and my girl Denise Austin are going to be power-yoga-ing it while daddymatic is away. Or maybe I'll do laps around the house with the baby monitor strapped to me a la Judy-from-Time-Life-books. The question I have is, is it worth it to complain to my gym? I mean, the whole reason I joined there was the babysitting! I know that they're going to tell me it's January and there's no point in hiring extra staff when the numbers of kids will be halved by February or March, blah blah blah, but that seems lame. I still need to go and it's not safe--either for the gym or for the kds--for the ratios to be that high. Any thoughts?