Monday, January 16, 2006

A call to all (three) readers! Please help me!

I have some really nice "friends in the computer" (I think Misfit Hausfrau was the first one to use that term, but I'm not sure). Their blognames are Wood and Dutch. They are also two of my three readers, so you know who you are if you're not them. Anyway, Dutch and Wood have a really funny, really moving, devastatingly well-written blog. And a cute kid named Juniper/Junebug who D-lish (thanks Lisa for that nickname) has been scamming on in case things don't go well with his current girlfriend Nina.

So, you're asking, what is this to me? Well, folks, these cute cats are up for Best New Blog at the Best of Blogs awards. They really, really deserve to win. A woman with a blog called ninja poodles is beating them by a carefully coiffed tail, and friends, that just ain't right. The "poodles" blog is funny, but the Junipers have a special place in my heart. These people post adorable pictures of street urchins every Friday. They take their child to art museums. This postabout their visit to a sex-cabin in Tahoe made Daddymatic WET HIS PANTS laughing. They made me fall in love with their daycare provider, for heaven's sake. So click on this link and vote for them. Once a day until I tell you to stop. They've made the blogophere a wonderful and witty place to be, and I'd like to help them out.

Thanks y'all!