Friday, January 20, 2006

Lambie follow-up: Some clarifications

So, just to clear a few things up about Lambie, since the last post seems to have raised some folks’ alarms:
  1. I did NOT give OG Lambie the sleeper hold, send her to Lovey Heaven, or artfully toss her in the trash. I merely washed her, dried her and allowed her to have a break.

    Here she is, wet but daisy-fresh, after her first full bath.

    And here’s the water she was washed in.

    I know—ew. That mess is GREY, people. And finally, here she is, all dried and fluffed and ready to be dragged around the house by her ears, thrown in the tub (thank you again, Clorox wipes!), gnawed on and suffocated with love.

  2. The reason Pristine Lambie, who may soon be renamed Slightly More Lived-in Lambie, was [quote unquote] adopted is because we didn’t want D-luxe* to have to live without his darling for even one night while she was being de-odorified.

  3. This info is primarily for Wood (who claims Mommymatic readers—all three of you—want to know how we performed our duty as Lovey-Enablers to get him to take on Lambie in the first place): The only thing we did to assist D-luxe in his Lovey Acquisition was to give him pretty easy access to a few toys we thought would be good loveys. One thing that I think helped a LOT was that we held the Lovey while nursing, so he learned to associate Lambie with his other favorite Lovey(s). I’m actually really glad we did this because my Insta-weaning Boobs (sorry Dutch) might have messed him up forever if he didn’t have that Lambie to fall back on. We also made (and still make—no point in trying to pretend this doesn’t still happen) sure to pick up Lambie and offer it to him when we went/go in to comfort him/hold him during his night wakings. Now, he’s a face-rubbing guy, though, and that might make a diff because Lambie is a lot easier on the face than she is on the eyes. But we’ll be happy to share any lovey mojo we’ve got going on here. Oh, and for those of you trying to instill love for a particular object: you can go ahead and decide which toy you’d least like your child to attach to and that’ll probably be the one she/he chooses. Actually, D-Lovah could have done worse than Lambie, so I should shut up and count my blessings, but there were two or three others I’d have preferred.
Oh, and one final clarification. Remember in my next-to-last post when I said there'd be no more pic-laden posts for a while? I lied. Obviously.

*Thanks again, Lisa. You are now the official Child Nicknamer around here