Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ok, ok, last picture-laden post for a while

I know I've been going nuts with the pix for the last week, seeing as how it was a big week, what with the walking and the turning one and all, but I HAD to post these last two I got back today.

This first one is D-lish with his Auntay Emily and Unky Jon. Don't they look more like his parents than Daddymatic and I do? What's THAT about?

And here he is in his new jammies from his godmother SueBobb. You can't see the snowboarder on the front, but we call them his Olympic Awareness Jammies because we get mad psyched about the Olympics around here. It's the only thing that is allowing us to consider the fact that the NFL season is ending. Gooooo Steelers and Panthers!