Thursday, February 02, 2006

When Blogworld meets Real World

So I have written before about Davis’s Honorary Aunt Emily, who is a fellow blogger (and do yourself a favor and read this post of hers about blog popularity—you’ll be glad you did). Anyway, Emily comes over, coos over D-Money and spoils him rotten to the core. You know this. But I have barely blogged at all about his Other Blogger Aunt, Lisa, who is largely responsible for the New and Different D-monikers that have been appearing of late. She also came over on Tuesday for some Toddler Love and to provide Mommymatic with some much-needed adult conversation (or, rather, “grown-up conversation” since for the sociolinguistically sensitive of you, the word “adult” might have skeevy connotations, as in “adult film” or “adult content.”)

ANYWAY. It was very cool of her to stop by, share a cup of coffee with me, and bring kisses and a very cool gift for my offspring, and I wanted to say thanks. Here’s a pic we snapped of the 3 of us, which I am calling “When Blogworlds Collide.” Lisa's the luscious blonde holding D-Lovah, and I am the one who looks like her kinda butchy lesbian lover. Not that there's anything wrong with that.