Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Parting is such sweet sorrow: An Open Letter to a Dear Friend

So, this week I have decided it’s time to say goodbye to you, dear friend. It’s sad—I barely know how I’m going to get by without you—but it’s time. We’ve both known this was coming.

And so it is with a heavy heart, dear Morning Nap, that I bid you adieu.

We’ve had a good run. You’ve been with me for such a long time. I remember back when we started things up, gosh, almost a year ago. You were only 45 minutes long back then! I don’t know if you’ll recall how under-appreciated you were back then—I’d use you to do laundry, dishes, take showers. God, what a waste. I’m so sorry; it wasn’t you—it was me. I just didn’t know how to make the most of our time together.

And then our relationship blossomed a couple of months ago. I realized you were so much more than simply a time to do meaningless chores. You were a time of rest. Escape. Reading books, blogs or email. Napping. Remember that nap two weeks ago? It was a Joey-and-Ross quality nap. I don’t think I ever loved you more than that day. Too late I learned to savor our moments, roll them around on my tongue like really good chocolate.  And just as we were hitting our stride, you started to fade away.

I wanted to deny what was happening at first. We were so good together—how could you ever want to leave me? But soon, you were shifting away, letting me down, making excuses. I started to wonder: were you avoiding me?  The salad days of having an hour and a half, even two hours together were gone before I knew it, replaced by 30-minute quickies. And it took so long to even get to you in the first place—25 minutes of machinations and foreplay for something that seemed to be over just like that?

I was finally honest with myself and realized I was going to have to admit that a union that seemed so perfect was just a temporary fantasy. I needed to let you go, to free you to bring happiness to some other woman (or man). I don’t know if anyone else will appreciate you the way I learned to these last few weeks, but I hope they do. You were good to me, and I’m gonna miss you.

Luckily, your friend Afternoon Nap and I have had something going on the side for quite a while. I think it’s time we took our relationship to another level…

Nostagically yours,