Saturday, February 18, 2006


Behold, the softie, fresh from the hardworking nimble fingers of Heather-Miles’s mom (when I was a little kid, I called friends’ moms by their kids’ names: Billy’s mom was “Mrs. Billy” and Jen’s dad was “Mr. Jennifer,” so Heather would be Ms. Miles, since I’m all up in the PC with the titles and stuff these days).

Anyway—doncha LOVE? Doncha want one? Heather and I did a trade, but if you have more cash than craft (as is the case with me—she will probably wish she’d just let me buy one when she gets the item I made for her), you can buy one. So whatcha waitin’ for? Click on over to this post to get your ordering info and see pix of adoptable softies.

The beautiful thing about Heather is that she appears to have an innate sense of what a family needs, softie-wise: For instance, for the Junipers, she made voodoo softies softie replicas of Wood, Dutch and Juniper. For us, however, she realized the only thing missing from the Familymatic unit was…a DOG!! We have dubbed her Rosiedog O. Matic.

I’ll go ahead and answer the burning questions you’re slavering to ask:

Is the softie adored by your child? Check. It even gets the N. O. R. The little boy is D-voted.

Is the softie adored by other Matic household members?
Check. I’m a big fan of red as my alma mater is NC State (Go Pack!). And Daddymatic loves red for reasons that will be revealed later. And see, even the LBC likes it (That’s Little Black Cat, Snoop--not the 213).

Is the softie chock-full of T3 (Textures Toddlers Treasure)?
Check. Corduroy on one side, flannel on the other, felt bits for eyes. And that star? Getting some serious love from One Who is Not Easily D-stracted (okay, that last nickname is cheating, but give me a break: it’s Saturday night and I’m BLOGGING, ‘kay?).

Can grown-ups get their own softies? Check. I have half a mind to order one for my friend Ellen, who loves blobbies, which are a kind of second cousin to softies.

Is Heather nice to deal with? Check, check, check. Go see if you don’t believe me.

Okay, I’m done with the shameless promotion of fellow bloggers’ merchandise. For now. But you might wanna click on the MotherDuds button over on the sidebar if you’re in the market for a very groovy, mama-hood-promotin’ t-shirt. I’m trying to find a reason for Daddymatic to buy me the cap-sleeved one that says “No more Mrs. Nice Mom.”

**One final nugget before I sign off for the weekend: check back Monday for some BIG FamilyMatic news.**