Wednesday, February 15, 2006

D-unit's new trick: The Noise of Recognition

Okay, so D-liverer still isn’t talking, but he does have this totally adorable gleeful squeal we have come to call the Noise of Recognition. Here are the things in our house that get the N.O.R:

(1) Any of the kitties: M, Cat, a rare Sula sighting. Shere Khan, the stuffed tiger gets the N.O.R. as well. Even the kitty sculpture at the library gets it.

(2) The Veggie Booty bag. Thanks, Junipers.

(3) The graham cracker jar. (seeing a pattern here? Kid loves to get his grub on.)

(4) His stuffed horse and, of course, Lambie. (see the video of dubious image quality below--the tiny squeal from across the room is the N.O.R., not to be confused with the S.O.G. [Shout of Greeting] upon contact with Lambie)

(5) The Musini, also known as A Toy I Thought Was Cool When It Was Given to Us But Which Now Wears Badly on my Nerves.

(6) Many of his books. Notably, Everywhere Babies, Owl Babies (we gots us a thing about babies) and Guess How Much I Love You.

(7) The vacuum cleaner, which, as on the Teletubbies, is called the “Noo-noo.”

(8) Other babies. Or himself in a mirror. Daddymatic reports that he also has said “baaay-beee” a couple of times as well, but I'm still skeptical.

(9) Any phone.

(10) And of course, us. Usually it’s whichever parent didn’t get up with him, which seems grossly unfair, but hey, it makes for an awesome day for whoever gets to sleep in AND get the red carpet welcome.

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