Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes...

Okay, so to review: we first thought the Boy Wonder had graced us with the word "broccoli" as his initial foray into the land of the linguistically capable. Alas, it seems that was a one-off, as it has been repeated several thousand times by his parents without so much as one repeat performance on the part of the babe.

Then, there was last week, when we thought we were getting manifestations of "baby" and "kitty," (okay, it was more like "heeee-teeee," but cripes, throw me a bone here) which made sense, in that his two favorite things in life are his own reflection and the furry residents of the home. We've had a couple more instantiaions of "kitty," so I no longer fear he'll be the only kindergartener grunting and pointing instead of "using his words."

Then today, we had some pretty indisputable evidence that his first words are slowly gaining intentionality--like motive is quietly leaking into his parroting of phrases we say all the time.

The scene:

In the bathroom, D is standing on his step-stool at the sink (which will be the subject of a cute, cute, cute, vid later this week), holding Lambie.

D: Heeee go. (first word said at a high pitch, second word lower.) ((Holds Lambie out to me))

Mommymatic: What, sweetie? Is that Lambie?

D: Heee go ((proffering Lambie to me once more, with a decidedly less patient tone of voice)).

M: Daddy, come look at this. What's he saying? ((at this point, D drops Lambie, which Mama picks up and hands back to him. )) Here you go, sweetie.

D: ((beaming, holding Lambie out yet again)) Heeee go.

M: I don't know what that means, sweetie. Do you want your toothbrush? Here you go.

D: ((all but rolling his adorable blue eyes and the sheer stupidity of the "highly educated" total idiot standing in front of him.)) Heee go.

Finally, thank God, Daddymatic realizes D is probably saying "Here you go" which of course is what we say to him when we hand him stuff 89765 times a day. He has figured out that's what you say when you're handing someone something, so now it's his turn to try.

Right. I knew that. I just wish they had more about this in my babe-ese-to-clueless-parent dictionary.