Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mommymatic turns 100

Well, 100 posts, that is. To celebrate, I got my man Jon and Daddymatic to help me out with some updating. Like it? Jon designed the fuh-abulous new banner--ain't it sweet? Daddymatic helped me with the tedious (and possibly ongoing) job of tweaking fonts and colors. Unfortunately the colors may need more tweaking than we first thought, but it's a blog in progress, right?

Since I know you all see the new tagline, you're thinking you didn't win--NOT SO!! There are TWO--well, three, kinda--other winners, but I put Jon's up first since he helped me so much with the new banner. The other winners were Nancy with "I'm a mom, not a machine" (this banner is organge) and Izzy with "Don't make me turn this blog around!" (this one is blue). would also like to ask Cookie if I can add her "Salty as the lake, sweet as candy" tagline to the rotation once we move to Salt Lake. I'm hoping Jon will hook me up with a script that will allow me to rotate through all three banners automatically (or mommymatically, if you will) but until then, I'll swap 'em out every few days or so. So Nancy, Izzy, and BMC, send me an email at stefanierj at yahoo dot com and lemme know if you want a bag or a sweet treat, where to send it, and if you choose the bag option, include a couple of pix of your cherubic offspring so's I can put them on the bag.

And can I say now what an EXCRUCIATING process it was to have to choose between all the totally brilliant suggestions you peeps came up with? I really appreciate the time everyone took to think about my lack-of-tagline panache, and I hope the haloscan comments eventually reappear so that I can look at the "32" in the comments box and get a little teary that you guys cared. (I'm feeling a little Sally Field 'you like me, you really like me' right now--can you tell?) Suffice it to say: THANKS!! You guys ROCK.

So I've been busy with the blog-sprucing, move-prepping, diss writing (yes! actual writing! note that I didn't say great writing, but hey--gotta start somewhere) and all that other mess, but I promise the next post will be back to business as usual. I'm hoping to make the weekend video post a regular thing, and daddymatic said he got a cute one today (he may have drawled a little extra on the audio just for Kristen). So stay tuned for that!