Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunny weather

Aww, every one of you was so nice about my last post that I actually felt guilty for not creating a Real Post for today. I promise there will be something interesting coming this week, but until then, here is how we celebrate sunshine and over 50-degree temps in Central PA: we go to the park with Sam and Nina, aka The Most Adorable Twins in PA, and mommymatic manages to capture a few pics before her camera batteries totally die. You asked for pictoral cuteness, and we deliver. Your satisfaction is our number one priority here at Mommymatic, so without further ado:

Because, Sam. Sometimes you feel like a nut.

Man, that yappy Jack Russell is lucky that 14 month olds have such bad aim. (of course, this caption is for satirical purposes only. Mommymatic does not condone nor find amusing the Throwing of Objects for Painful Purposes, even at Yappy, Football-shaped Dogs.)

Heeey, Nina, what's up? You wanna catch a cup of milk later? No?

What?? Just because
she is in there and I am out here does NOT mean I am stalking her. I'm just, aaah, brushing up on my tunnel-cruising technique.