Thursday, March 23, 2006

One for the mommybloggers

Well, I'm just brimming with pride and joy from all the support my dear readers left in the comments section of my last post. Thanks, dudes. You know how to help a sistah out.

But I have a confession. After reading this post by Kristen, I have realized that--gasp!--I'm a mommy blogger, not a mom-blogger. Apparently, my un-hip, posting-pictures-of-our-offspring sisters and I are in the "mommy blogger" category, while those of you who are Cool and Have Things to Say and Do It With Style are in the mom-blogger (or, if you prefer, parent blogger) category. Now, I'm not saying I'm totally humorless (and Mrs. Davis says that the main difference is the funny factor), and I'm not saying I do nothing but blather about how fun life is with my child (because, let's face it, it isn't ALWAYS nonstop laughs around here), but I'm definitely more of a mommy-girl than a mom-type. But you know, I'm cool with that.

And with that, I give you yet another picture-laden post of my offspring and one of his first face-to-muzzle encounter with the dog downstairs. I call it "Boy Meets Beagle":

D: Nice doggie.
Sparky: How 'bout a treat?

D: Okaaaay: Sit. That's the sign for sit, right? No? Roll over?
Sparky: No treat here. Dang.

D: Seriously, dude, SIT.

Or, you know, just look for something on the ground. That's cool, too.