Sunday, April 09, 2006

When the cat's away...

While we were househunting, finding a preschool and (at least on my part) begging for a job in SLC, the highly lauded and soon-to-be-beatified Bee-bee and Grampy came to care for the Boy Wonder and his feline friends, because they need a highly qualified staff to attend to their needs and are used to a high level of service (though the cats will have you know that the service has REALLY slipped around here in the last, ph, 15 months or so). We left a disposable camera laying around, and when we developed it, we found a photo essay of their visit together, most of which apparently consisted of D playing at the park. You can view the rest of the collection by clicking the flickr thingy on the sidebar, but for now, I will confine my creative juices, such as they are, to providing commentary on the pix:

My visit with Grampy and Bee-bee
by D

You may already know this, but in case you don't, my people have a thing about photographing me in or near this tunnel. Myself, I'm not sure why. I mean, I do LOTS of other things at the park!

Like using very small hills in the sandbox to prepare for the advent of my ski-jump training once we're withing spitting distance of Park City.
Or testing to see how well they sanded the benches in the little league dugout. Smooth as a baby's my bum, it turns out.
Or what about swinging? Is it totally gauche to swing now and no one told me?
But no, they prefer to get shots of me in the tunnel. Always with the tunnel!
I can hear them now, "Oh *snap*! Looks like D's going in the tunnel!"
I mean, I can't even stand UP in here, for pete's sake.
Luckily, grampy rescued me from that mind-numbing, frighteningly hamsterlike tunnel exercise and we got to do some man-stuff together.
Like hugging and watching construction vehicles. Manly. And sweet. Kind of like the Village People.
And here's Bee-bee giving me my first chocolate chip cookie. Right after this was taken, she muttered something to Grampy about "thanks for capturing her violation of the Daddymatic no-cookie manifesto for posterity," but Grampy explained that with mommy as my Other Parent, liking cookies is kind of my destiny. They are helping me get in touch with my mother's people, he said.

Okay, Grampy didn't really say that. He's never said that many words voluntarily in his life. But that's what he was thinking, I'm sure of it.