Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yo, internets. I need your help!

I need an umbrella stroller. Nothing fancy, nothing super-expensive (I'm cheap like Dutch), just something that gets the job done, preferably with at least a sun canopy, since we are soon to be moving to the Land Closer to the Sun (at 4330 feet). I have one made by Carter's that I LOATHE because 1) it squiggles all over the road 2) its handles are too short, even for my 5' 6" frame and 3) it doesn't FOLD UP LIKE AN UMBRELLA. Huh?? It seems implicit in the NAME that an umbrella stroller should fold up like an umbrella, no?

Perhaps I'm being too literal.

Anyhoo. We had a wonderful Gracosaur (thanks to Mo-wo for that name) that I liked, even as bulky as it was, but we've loaned it to some really cute kids who are even cuter and more po' than we are, so I'd feel like a class-A jerk to ask for it back, and plus, I'd like something a little more travel-friendly, what with The Big Move coming up and everything. So I figured I'd turn to my trusty internets and ask y'all. Do you guys own an umbrella stroller? Do you love it? Did you pay less than, I dunno, $75 for it? HELP. I've gotta Ebay or online-order it, most likely, because the State College Retail Philosophy is, apparently, "If You Can't Get it At Wal-Mart, You Don't Really Need It." (we do have a Tar-zhay, but it's one of the smaller stores and their baby section is kee-rap).

Any helps? Oh, yeah, and you get bonus points if the stroller you rec either has a shoulder/5-pt. harness or can be easily adapted to one I've made myself (I know, I know. But D thinks it's best to ride in a stroller with his face INCHES from the ground. Sigh.)