Thursday, May 04, 2006

So somebody needs a haircut. I mean, this picture of our dear boy and his Sarge Daddymatic should demonstrate exactly how his male parent thinks a young man's hair should look. (It's not DM's fault--he had the 70s Dutch-boy hairdo as a kid and was referred to as "she" one time too many. )

Oh, the days my boys had the same hairdo.

But no more. No, these days, D's hair is a little bit more Mark Hamill.


And now, Mr. Hamill.

Am I kidding?

Winsome smile--check.

Long bangs--check.

Feathery sides--check.

I mean, can you even tell them apart?

You can? Seriously?

Well, what about *this* pic:

Yes, he's ducking out of the picture, but don't worry--those wings'll keep him aloft.
I know, I know--what is he, climbing in his landspeeder? Right?

So yeah, we're thinking about getting a little bit of snippage for the kid. My friend Beth offered to make him and her son Sam appointments at the kiddie's kut place in her town for the boys' spa day, but I'm not sure. I mean, how do you get these buggers to hold still? I recall that Foo was bewitched by a video or some such when she got her new 'do, and I'm sure Miles and Juniper are so deft at styling their dolls' hair that they can now do their own, but I'm kind of lost. I knew someone who was given a coconut and told it was a "pony egg" and that if he kept still, it might hatch, and if it hatched while he was holding it, he could keep the pony, and that sounds brill, but I'm not sure it works on the under 2 set.

Any ideas?