Sunday, April 30, 2006

You know you're a sucker for your kid when...

. . . you watch a video of yourself and your child over and over and over again, despite the fact that said video makes you and your family look like you are one hilarious Bob Saget voice-over away from being on America’s Funniest Home Videos: White Trash Edition, what with the child being clad only in his diaper, yourself in pajamas that, you are sure, could only look more sad if you had the top three inches of a thong showing in the back, a view of your son’s room which, despite only being about 10 seconds long, will no doubt lead your friend to remark a second time that she is “so relieved to know I’m not the only mom whose house is a total train wreck,” and the nice view of the futon mattress that’s been on his bedroom floor since JANUARY and shows no signs of going anywhere (because padded floors and toddlers belong together). Seriously, all this video needs is the alley-oop whistle sound when D falls over, and it’s production-ready for Fridays at 8PM.

But you watch this video over and over again anyway, because every time you see it, you are sure this child has the best belly laugh you have ever heard. Also because you want to be able to prove to him later that at one time in his life, he was completely entertained by having a parent throw a ball to the floor and yell, “BOOM!”

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