Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bug bites

A number of really nice, concerned and completely great people have written to us to make sure we're okay after the deadly mall shooting that took place about 10 blocks from us here in Salt Lake City. We are shaken, we are sad, we are seriously reconsidering our stance on the concealed carry law, and we are grateful to live in an environment with brave and skilled emergency workers and cops who were able to make sure the situation wasn't a whole lot more devastating than it was. But we are okay.

We've been busy creating a ladybug circus.

Actually, they're not ladybugs per se, they are red and black beetle-y critters that have, apparently, followed us from Pennsylvania where they used to invade our house in the late fall through early spring. But we flout tradition (and common linguistic labels) and call them ladybugs.

And we love them.

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Here we are trying to take a picture of the ladybug, kiss it, and make it better. In other words, harass it within an inch of its life, as if being an insect in Utah in the winter wasn't bad enough. If you click over to our dropshots site, you can view the sequel: Ladybug II, which is about two minutes long and includes such hilarious hijinks as looking at the ladybug "on the tummy," feeding it goldfish crackers, and nearly squishing the poor guy for his trouble.

The picture's dark, but the audio's pretty funny. But then, we are a strange and easy to entertain people.

Oh, and happy valentine's day. Daddymatic and I decided awhile ago that the real V-day love was going out to the preschool teachers, who made our month when they announced last week that preschool would, in fact, be continuing through the summer. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I was ready to offer them celebratory sexual favors when I heard the news. You know, because it would be awkward if Daddymatic tried that.

Instead, we settled on Tar-zhay gift cards in a festive heart design that said, if nothing else "We love you, even if we are so lame that they were out of Valentine's day cards when we got to Target."