Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's official

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Well, internets, it's official. We've successfully renegotiated Heavy D's contract for another year, due in large part to a vocal showing by his as-yet untapped fan base. So thanks, Sparky, Kristin and Redneck Mommy in particular for showing the love and letting the management know how you feel about this particular player and his strengths.

So, as you can see from the vid, our little fella turned two over the weekend. It was an unusual birthday by Matic standards--no countdown, no cake, no party, no stripper--and the child is from a family in which the father often begins his own birthday countdown in January (hello, March 29?).

But fun? Oh yes.

For starters, Daddymatic got himself D a very cool remote-controlled car, which was an instant hit. I have never seen the Model D take to a toy this way, but, as Daddymatic pointed out, he is male and it is an Italian car. Even if it looks like a Volkswagen.

He also got a ride in my friend Mike's BIGTRUCKBIGTRUCK! which was very cool, since Mike is not above doing donuts in parking lots and shoving the bad-ass V8 into 4WD to show off a little, which got the typical D response of "Doot 'gin. Doot 'gin." And grins galore. And constant begging for "See Mike! See Mike!" at any given moment during the 48 hours following. It's embarassing to have one's parenting replaced by a $40,000 vehicle, but at least it's a really nice truck, right?

And finally, the perfect endcap to the day was a trip to the local hipster coffeehouse, because we have discovered that we can ply D into letting mama and daddy enjoy a nice latte or so by getting him his own frothy beverage, called "daviscoffee," known to mere mortals as a cup of whipped cream with a spoon. So we decided to forego our usual haunt and head to the hot spah-zot in town where the pierc'd and tattoo-ed staff was more than happy to provide D with daviscoffee. Unfortunately, I was midway through an ETM (extremely tasty mocha) when D dropped a load and we realized why we don't go to hipster coffeehouses more often: they are the only place in Utah that the plastic fold-down changing table people have left untouched. Oh well.

The partying did continue, in typical Matic fashion, as long as we could possibly drag it out, and given that even Utahans have the sense to celebrate The great Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., that means a whole extry day of funness. But that's for another post, so tune in next time for a full report on the Indoor Slide Monstrosity and, God willing, actual video of D voicing his newest phrase: "I LOVE IT." He says it so enthusiastically and, frankly, gaily, that I like to call it his first truly metrosexual phrase.

For now, though, I have cuteness that only Bee-bee can bring out in our precious spawn: