Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bits and parts of things

Some bloggy bitz first: Today is a mommymatic first. Andrea the beautiful and brave nominated this post as a perfect post. I have never gotten one of these coveted awards before, so I'm kind of like a little kid who's been told she's getting the exact brand-new bike she wanted and not the hand-me-down bike from her older sister. It's like when Roger said I had nice hair. Makes me want to cover the world with kisses.

Speaking of Andrea, she used the Best Metaphor Ever in a recent post, so good I have to share it with you: "I could smell her exasperation like a fart in a car." WHY do I never think of such sparkling analogies? It's so PERFECT. And Mrs. Fortune summed up my feelings about my family in one perfect sentence she wrote this week: "I can say with confidence that I must have showed up early and with doughnuts the day god was handing out families." Word to you, sister.

Speaking of my beloved family, I'll say now that spending Thanksgiving with only my immediate family was actually pretty good. We did the orphan Thanksgiving thing with my nabes who were delightful despite their predilection to put their feet in their mouths (they called my work friend "old" and always seem to whine about "the religious breeding freaks" in SLC, to which I almost always reply, "Move your car. My kid and I are late for church."). The rest of the weekend we rolled downtown to see SLC ring in the Xmas season by blazing up Temple Square and surrounds with lights, lights, lights. Is pretty, no?

Saturday, we watched the crazy shoppers at the Overly Kiddie local mall. Which is to say that we rode the escalator for 20 minutes and the elevator for 15. I can't even grouse about it, though, because it saved me from having to shell out $1.50 for the carousel (or worse, stand in line for a ride on the carousel) or $5 for a shopping cart shaped like a car. Thank you, Elisha Otis and Jesse W. Reno. You are totally my homies now. And a big shout-out to the City Library and its 5 stories of completely glass elevatorness. LOVE YOU. We also set up the tree, per Daddymatic's strict guidelines about When the Tree Shall Be Put Up (day after Thanksgiving, always. Down Jan. 6) and When the Christmas Music Shall begin (day after Thanksgiving. Ends the 26th.). This video is dark, but incredibly cute, as D-diddy helps decorate the tree by getting Daddymatic a " 'Nother ooooone" ornament.

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By Monday, though, I was ready to get back to work. It seems the Incredibly Mommyloving D was even ready, though--Monday was the first day EVER that I have left the house without the wailing and gnashing of teeth to accompany me. I kissed him on the head, and he beamed and said "Bye-bye, mama!" I'd love to say a part of me was sad, but I'd be lying. All I felt was relief.

Of course, for the last two days, I've gotten home after D's been put to bed, and now I am ready to get refilled on toddler love this weekend. Especially since he now sing-songs "yummy tummy" while he eats and this very evening observed "Daddy broke head!" when daddymatic hit his head on something. It makes me feel I have to absorb every moment, even the annoying ones, and really enjoy them. That, or I need to cryogenically freeze him in this current state of sweetness.