Friday, November 10, 2006

It freaking figures

It just figures that the day after I post the NaBloPoMo link on my sidebar is the first day I miss posting. Dang. I don't care--I'll just post twice today, so you're not dodging any bullets here. Nice try. Oh, and refusing to leave comments? Doesn't phase me one bit. No, no, despite the fact that we are all about the approval here at Chez Mommymatic, I can handle your rejection. Really.

So in the "riddle me this" category, we have these linguistic moments, brought to you by the letter D:

As D totes around his pumpkin from Hallowe'en, he starts shoving things inside it and says something that sounds like "showering" or "showing." It takes 5 minutes before I figure out he's saying "Shopping." Good Lord. I can't even blame this recent spate of avid consumerism on the preschool.

I made some playdough (LMK if you want the recipe--it's super-easy and makes me feel like Sally Homemaker just to be able to offer to pass it along! And to say super-easy!) and he went insane. INSANE. One thing that was particularly puzzling was that he would smash, squish or mold it and, in perfect Greenlandic, say "LAKADAT." Daddymatic and I laughed because there appears to be a direct correlation to how well I understand some phrase and how earnestly D says it. "LAKADAT, Mama. LAKADAT." Finally, we figured it out: He was saying "Look at that!" I think he got this from Bee-bee.

Finally, he kept ducking behind the table and sticking his butt up in the air and saying "Hiney." Or so I thought. I finally realized he was saying "I'm hiding." Oh, right.

Poor guy. He must seriously feel the way I felt when I'd try to speak Polish. Despite the fact that the entire Polish populace around me had all been speaking this language for, oh, say, hundreds of years, when they didn't understand me, I always thought, "God, what idiots. Don't you understand your own language??"

The difference is that I realized later that I'd been asking the secretary why there was no "Pope" for the copier and I eventually learned how to correctly (mostly) pronounce "paper," whereas D just taps his foot impatiently while we catch up and learn what, apparently, is the correct pronunciation for "shopping."