Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our other child just disapproves of everything

Okay, when Mom-101 was depressed a while ago, someone posted a link to these pictures of disapproving rabbits, and it made me laugh. I think Daddymatic hurt himself laughing at them. We wished for a brief moment that we had rabbits of our own so that we, too, could bask in similar disapproval. We realized, however, that having a toddler has given our tabby M a great deal to disapprove of, and so, we present to you...

Rampant Tabby Disapproval

In general, I disapprove of toddlery cuteness.

Yo, twinkletoes. Down in front. I'm trying to disapprove here.

I am especially reproachful of head-butting.

Oh good Lord, it's trying to mount me. I do not approve of being straddled.

Can you smell the disapproval, little boy? Hmmm?

I wholeheartedly disapprove of being infantilized.

I will continue to disapprove after you wake up.
(In fact, I am disapproving as you sleep.)

Come back! I'm not finished disapproving yet.