Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things are better, exhibits A-D

Thanks to all of you who assured me that this is no time to pretend to get trapped under heavy household objects. My readers rock it like the Who.

Proof my son thinks I am way more hardcore than I actually am:

For the first time, D has noticed my tattoo, which is in the shape of an om (in my defense, I got it waaaay before everyone and their brother was getting their cool foreign language character tattoos). He pointed to it the other night and said “Motorcycle.” And I was all, dude, I wish I were that hardcore.

Evidence the boychild will one day be in a fraternity:

When I went to get him up for his nap on Sunday, he had taken off his shirt and was slapping himself on the stomach. And laughing.

Verification that the little dude is almost as bossy as his mother:

Among the two- and three-word combinations D has perfected are commands: his current favorite is to have mommy and daddy play “naptime” and then to demand we “Wake UP, mama.” This clip shows footage of him trying to boss around our striped tabby. Luckily, she is the only being in the house more stubborn than he.

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Data to support the "sometimes my son is too cute for his own good" theory:

Mama: ((yawning))

D: Daddy? Mama sleepy.


Mama: D, are you a tiny baby or a big boy?

D: ((frowning)) Yeah.