Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some good things

1. This picture. There are so many things I love about it: the lunchbox behind him and the belly suggests he's just had lunch, the vacant expression that says he knows he should go back to work but can't find the energy, and of course, our new constant companions, the slightly too-big orange crocs (thanks for the tip, Foo).

2. We have a sofa! And a big bed! And did I mention the orange crocs? Juniper will surely have competition for her shoe fetish.

3. Mochas at Sugarhouse Coffee.

4. We live within walking distance of a fine German bakery called Schmidt's. Bismarck, anyone?

5. I may have a job.

6. Did I mention Bee-bee and Grampy are coming Monday? And did I mention the new orange crocs? (I'm trying the toddler it's-cute-to-repeat-everything-in-a-tone-of-wonder scheme to see if it's any more workable this way. Didn't think so.)

This kind of evens out the fact that SOMEONE is getting up earlier and earlier every morning and that the car had to be fixed AGAIN and that my internet connection is totally screwy, yes? Kind of makes me want to stop whining about everything, actually.

But how are YOU?