Tuesday, June 20, 2006

That's DOCTOR Daddymatic to you.

So the big DM passed his doctoral defense today, and we are just all kinds of hopped up around here. Since D's god-mama babysat him (for the last time, possibly--sniff, sniff), I got to go see the d-fense (though I was asked to leave my big foam finger at home). It rocked. I mean, Daddymatic was saying junk like "Most people probably don't see themselves as resisting subjects in the global hegemony that is English" totally off the cuff, and--wait for it--he knew what that meant! I know, right?

Here's the PhD himself. And that woman with her arm around him is someone else's wife. But we like her anyway. I mean, can't blame chicks for diggin' docs, right?

And here's D, enjoying Daddy's post-defense party with Mama, Auntay Emily and Uncle Tony, who is showing him exactly how much beer you have to drink before you find soccer a compelling sport (it's a lot, evidently).

So I'm gonna go see if there's a doctor in the house, 'cause Mama needs a checkup, okaaay?