Sunday, November 05, 2006

Surgeon General's Warning

This morning when he woke up, D started singing his new favorite song, the itsy-bitsy spider. I might mention here that I am not the least bit bitter about the fact that he had no love for this song during my endless renditions of it during the Pre-preschool Era, and now loves it so much that he insists we sing it in chorus to him (ie, if I begin, he says, “Daddy sing bitsy spider.”). When he is in his crib alone, however, he has no choir of willing voices and has to make do, and thus sings over and over to himself the only two words he knows from the song. Often, then, we hear “bitsy spiiiider, bitsy spiiiiider” sung in a high, free-wheeling tune, and it is so sweet that I think we are just going to have to slap a label on him warning diabetics and dentists to STAY AWAY.