Friday, November 10, 2006

Bloggers beware

In case you're wondering what the FREAK is going on around here, I logged in to post the last post today only to discover that HALF MY TEMPLATE CODE (the part with all the links, buttons and fun stuff, naturally) had been deleted. As in GONE. What?? So let this be a lesson to you: back that thang up, and I am not talking about your booties, people (though, it is a free country, so you're welcome to do both). If you have a blogger account with lots and lots and lots of modifications made to a template, navigate over to blogger RIGHT NOW, go to your template section and copy and paste that code into a notepad document or something. NOW!

If you were on my blogroll, I will be adding stuff back in over the weekend. If I miss re-adding you, LMK. Sorry for the administrative nature of this post, but hopefully things will not suck so much once I've had a chance to move in and make this place homey. Again.