Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Ok, so if I only post half the month, can I say I did NaBlo? Or is it PoMo?

Maybe I should just enjoy the collective sigh of relief that I've given in to dropping out (yes, I heard that). I really, really, wanted to be able to post every day, but I'm being crushed by a deadline just now and I don't want to record Memories of Stressed Mommy for D to have when he's older. I mean, if I'm keeping this blog for him (because I am lousy at keeping scrapbooks), I get to pick and choose the memories, right? And witchy, stressed-out Mama who makes a little boy eat his dinner in the car so she can make yet another trip to the office is not a memory I choose.

Except that I just did. Dang. But I can addend that by saying at least all the way home in the car, we sang Happy Birthday to, well, everyone: La-la, Daddy, D (who refers to himself as "Didi/Diddy" now, and I am having a hard time not referring to him as D-Diddy), Mama, the Moon, the Stars, and his puppet Daikon (which is actually just how he says "Dragon," but honestly, who can resist using a funny-named vegetable moniker when given the opportunity?).

So if anyone out there has a birthday coming up (sorry I missed yours, Nancy), let us know and we'll try to get you your own personalized serenade.

Mommymatic the NoMoNaBloPoMo Blogger OUT.