Friday, January 26, 2007

What is this Global Warming you speak of?

So the slide? Is very big.

And is very brightly primary colorific. Very brightly colorific.

Also? Two people who together weigh less than 300 lbs are not capable of taking it apart. But the two people in question did not discover this fact until after it had been put together. So my living room now looks like a freaking daycare. Good times, eh?

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But as you can see, it is a big, big hit, (yes, he's actually yelling his new favorite phrase "I LOVE it!" ) so I guess we just look like a daycare for now. Or until we sell the house.

Which might be sooner than I had originally thought, because, gee, I dunno, there’s just something demoralizing about spending, say, $10,000 on a brand-spankety new supah-efficient heating system, only to be completely deflated by one’s first $250 heating bill. Welcome to Utah, indeed. So I spent most of last weekend insulating my basement with the help of our trusty friend Mike in the hopes that we might stop hemorrhaging money heating the black hole that is our master bedroom.

And in case you needed another fun reason to live in Utah in the winter--you know, in addition to the weeks of temperatures where the highs are in the 20s (I, like Sparky, do not believe “high temperatures” and “20s” belong in the same sentence), may I introduce you to the meteorological wonder that is The Inversion? You can read the wikipedia article if you want to know what an inversion technically is, but basically, it’s the glut of pollution that gets trapped in the valley thanks to our bowl-like geography, making everything look like smut soup, obscuring my much-adored mountains from view and giving everyone the experience of feeling what it’s like to have smoked for, say, a decade. Because everyone should have that experience, no?

But lest I complain too much about my beloved new home, it is not wholly without merit. It is the land of Amazing Mormon Grad Student Babysitters, one of whom is the ONLY non-family member ever to put Sleepy D down for the night. And she got him to watch 20 minutes of an animated movie. Twenty minutes! When she called me "a knockout" last week, I almost asked her to move in, but I thought she’d think I was too fast. Or easy.

Oh well. At least she’s coming back tomorrow night so that Daddymatic and I can go to the movies. If we can remember what they are.

You, internets? What does the weekend hold for you?