Wednesday, October 19, 2005


For all of you out there with BOY-boys, my son has apparently been getting in touch with his feminine side. Or something.

He has recently begun ritually emptying the CD tower of certain choice CDs--always the same ones, for some reason. They are (in no particular order): Elton John, J-Lo, Sara McLachlan and anything with opera (Aida) or showtunes (Evita, Phantom of the Opera, etc.). Luckily, the ABBA CD is on the top shelf, or I'm sure it would be making more of an appearance too.

Now, I am sure that his choice of these CD has much more to do with the art on the CD cases than anything, but consider this: In the toy aisle the other day, the ONLY toy that captured his attention was a bear that is apparently featured in the new Barbie movie (when did she start making movies, BTW? Who would have thought she'd have time, in between keeping the Corvette in good working order, babysitting Skipper and keeping the Dream Home looking neat?). It's called the Snuggle & Glow Shiver. It is an interesting toy on several levels: it has cheeks that blush, it literally does shiver (I say shiver, you say vibrate; let's call the whole thing off), and it sings a little nonsense tune when you hug it. It is also the most girly toy I have ever seen: it has super drag-queen eyelashes, pink glowing cheeks and its fur is all sparkly. And Davis LOVED it. It made him laugh and laugh, and he seemed very sad to have to leave it.

Yes, my boy is getting in touch with his feminine side--not that there's anything wrong with that--and I for one am just waiting to see when he discovers Angelina Ballerina.