Saturday, October 08, 2005


Howdy--I'm guestbLogging today while Mama's in SFO. She called yesterday to say that it's 74 and sunny there. October's basically San Francisco's high summer--at 74, people might as well be stripping off their clothes and slathering themselves with ice. OK, they do that kind of thing there anyway.

In the meantime, Davis and I have enjoyed 60 and heavy rain. Pennsylvania in October can mean several things. This year, it appears to mean 75+ degree weather and no rain at all until the first day below 70 when the leaves change color overnight and then fall off in a heavy rainstorm. That can only mean that winter is hours away. Maybe just in time for the Ohio State game.

The boy and I have been on a pretty regular schedule. Awake around 7. Up around 7:30 (filling the previous half hour with flipping around, playing with Lambie, and [new for this week!] grabbing the top of the crib rail and attempting to learn to pull up). Breakfast immediately if not sooner. Crawling. Sweating. Nap around 9 with the help of some thawed mamajuice. Up around 10:30-11. Crawling. Sweating. Chewing on cats. Laughing at cats. Maybe an outing. Lunch. Bottle. Nap. You get the pattern.

The new crawling activity has apparently opened some new horizons for Davis. We have been occasionally trying to sign certain things to Davis: there was "bottle," "Mama," "eat." All very textbook. But Davis has his own sign system--"cat" (grabbing the short white fur on Cat's otherwise black belly), "breakfast" (beating on the high chair table), "I need to use the restroom" (smile slightly and pee all over the changing table), and "I want to get off the bed" (crawling to the edge of the bed and tipping over into space).

Of course, a couple of those new signs involve needing to move a lot. For some time, M was leery of Davis but generally thankful that we had made a little human who, although loud, couldn't move. As Davis has put all of the crawling variables together during the last several days, M has become scarce. Cat still thinks it's cute, but getting your white cat short hairs pulled has got to be the equivalent of getting your male parts hit--it kind of makes you want to throw up. (Now THAT'S something you won't read from Mommymatic.)

Anyway, crawling exposes the gaps in our baby security that Sam--Davis's advance team leader--started pointing out to us several weeks ago. #1 on the list is open cat food. Sam and Nina went for the cat bowls first thing. So does Davis. They do look like the vegetable puffs he eats for appetizers, but they no doubt taste like the lesser-known low-grade meat and rice flavor. I should just let the babies taste them once. Of course, some babies eat their own poo, so the reverse psychology may not work. Davis hasn't tried THAT yet, but he did try to grab the changing table strap he had just peed on yesterday.

I'll stop now, since I've already made more references to elimination than Mama has during most of her other posts put together.