Monday, September 19, 2005

Gotta love those developmental milestones

Crap. My child has discovered the benefits of mobility. I knew it would happen, just not so fast. I mean, just last week, we were Sitting and Looking and life was grand, but now we have seen the promise that mobility (currently in the form of Lurching) holds. He basically rolls everywhere, though, so at least it takes him forever to inch his way towards whatever infant health hazard has caught his interest. I mean, if I clear a pretty good perimeter around him, I can still go to the bathroom and not have to worry that he'll suffocate himself in my babywrap, eat the remote or drown in the cats' water bowl.

He's also learning--slowly--to use the famed pinscher grasp (and yes, I realize that if you are not a mom or child development expert, what I just wrote might as well be written in hieroglyphics for all the significance it will likely hold for you. It's the index finger and thumb pinch-grip.). He has only managed to use it a couple of times on his pinscher-grasp-approved Gerber fruit puffs (sing it with me: they melt in your mouth and stick to your hand)--mostly what happens is that he gets the puff in his palm, holds his pinky and ring fingers out of the way, and after several fake-outs, manages to get it in his mouth. However, if he finds, say, some kitty litter grit on the floor, the pinscher grasp appears out of nowhere. *sigh*

Well, now I just have to figure out what the Mommy Developmental Milestones are. The ability to spend more than an hour in my house without checking to see if my child is still breathing? The ability to change a diaper without the help of a half-nelson? Please post your thoughts...