Saturday, October 01, 2005

In the "what the heck?!" category

Ok, my husband said I had to blog about this website, and I think he's right (for those of you who read blogs like BoingBoing or Gizmodo or CNET, you may already know about this). I mean, I know I've posted about my feeling neglectful with my son's daily 20 minutes in the doorway jumper, but this product appears to take the Neglectomatic prize--or is it just me?

Maybe it's because I didn't have a colicky baby, maybe it's because, well, night wakings are something that kinda goes with the territory of having a baby, but it just seems...I don't know, a little silly. I mean, it has a remote for crying out loud. So how does it go? Baby wakes, crying. You wake, roll over and push the "rock" button and go back to sleep? Does it have a "nurse" or "change" button if the child is hungry or poopy?

I just think that with the possible exception of people whose babies are legitimately colicky, this is overkill or at the very least signifies a GROSS misunderstanding of what Life with an Infant is like. I mean, I know babies don't come with a user's guide or anything, but surely during the nine months' gestation, you MUST have figured out that you wouldn't just push the kid out and go back to 8 hours of sleep per night, right? I mean, pregnancy alone was a series of night wakings (First trimester: is the baby OK? Was that a cramp? Second trimester: How did I get on my back? Will it hurt the baby? Third trimester: What?! I just peed fifteen minutes ago!), so why would anyone think that bringing up baby would be different??

I know I have complained bitterly about multiple night wakings, especially in the face of passive-agressive, inwardly hostile people who natter on about how baby Emma has been sleeping through the night for 9 months now but honestly, getting something like this never occured to me. Maybe it's because I'm too control-freaky to not check for myself that Davis was in fact simply desirous of a snuggle and not in need of food/diaper change/climate control/mood music. I dunno.

And the site itself cries out for a thorough going-over with the old red pen. Pardon my identity shift into Granny Grammarian, but what is the guiding principle for the use of capital letters on this site? Also, I know I probably have a host of typos on my blog entries, but I hope hope hope that the annoying "add 's to make something plural/to create a verb in the third person singular" isn't one of them!! WHY do people insist on ignoring the time-honored apostrophical rule that an apostrophe + s always = "belongs to" or "is"? And don't even get me started on the "significant Benefits" section at the bottom of the page. I sort of feel like I'm in the episode of Friends where Joey walks in wearing an elf costume and Chandler says, "Must. mock. Joey. but. too. many. jokes." Oy vey.

Well, nothing says Saturday night quite like gettin' all het up over nothin', so I'm OUT.