Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cloth diaper contest

Okay, so we have to decide which “diapering system” we are going to use now. I want to go back to cloth—a few weeks in disposables have sickened me, and so I’m gearing up for another try. Please use the comments section to vote! I rate them on ease of washing (W), general cuteness (C) and price (P), but you can use whatever criteria you want: Likelihood that patterns will clash with clothing (CwC), Looks too girly (G) or Diaper is in UVA colors and we hate the Cavaliers (UVA SUX)

This is a Bumkins all-in-one. Not really a contender: it’s the most expensive dipe here, it takes a long time to dry and is not very absorbent—Davis wore one for a nap (and you know he doesn’t nap that long!) and the diaper was so saturated it got his onesie wet. Eew. But is is soo darn cute, I had to post a pic!! W=2 C=10 P=$$$

These are Little Lambs, among the cutest of the dipes we’ve bought. They’re reasonable and easy to wash, too. W=9 C=10 and P=$

This is a Kushies all-in-one, which means it’s like a disposable (absorbent inside and waterproof outside). It’s extremely cute and affordable but takes a VERY LONG TIME to dry. W=6 C=9 P=$

This is a Fuzzi Bunz diaper. It’s called a pocket diaper because (drum roll!) it’s a pocket of fleece on the inside and waterproof on the outside and you stick something absorbent in the pocket (a flat cloth diaper, a small towel, a maxipad, whatever) to soak up the pee through the fleece. The fleece keeps baby feeling dry. It’s nice because it doesn’t take forever to dry, since you wash the inner soaker thingy separately from the pocket. It rates W=9 C=8 and P=$$ (since it’s a bit more pricey but does hold its value well).