Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Week of Firsts

Things my son can now do that he couldn't do last week:

1. Raise himself from lying down to a sitting position. (I know, I know--hold your applause, please.)
2. Stand for several seconds by holding onto furniture
3. Crawl. (This is definitely overstating things--he crawled about six inches yesterday and my husband and I exchanged the raised-eyebrow look, and then Jay sat down in front of Davis and told him to "come to daddy," at which time the little genius just looked at him blankly. Apparently short-term memory is not an infant strong suit.)
4. Click his tongue--you know, that Universal Sound For Calling a Horse? Well, since we have no horses in our kitchen or living room, we are convinced he is busy acquiring one of the Khoisan languages of southern Africa, often called, cleverly enough, "click languages." So what he lacks in motor skills, he makes up for in academic brilliance.

Also this weekend, my son will have to live without my constant physical presence for more than 5 hours, which, up to now, is the longest we've ever been separated. More accurately, I will have to live without being in constant contact with him. I have to go to San Francisco for a meeting, and I decided that my own personal (and yes, selfish) motives for dragging him along were hard to justify: uproot him from his routine, drag him all the way across the country and stick him in a new time zone just to haul him all the way back once he's finally gotten used to things. I know it will be better that he's home with his darling daddy, doing his usual routine-y things, having a fun "boyz weekend," but I still think I'm going to feel like I'm travelling without pants on--it will be that strange not to be with him.