Tuesday, November 08, 2005

These are a few of his favorite things

Bug's favorite things, as of this week:

1) Pulling up to stand. We are convinced his new motto is "Ugh--crawling is SO October" or "Standing--it's the new crawling."

2) Empty cat dishes. A few stray kibble are considered a bonus, especially because mommy has a hissy fit when she discovers them being assiduously chewed up.

3) A large, chunky magnet mom and dad brought back from Canada that is in the shape of a beaver. This one is fun for the "adult teenagers" in the house, too, since they insist on making jokes, as in "Hey, kiddo, nice beaver!"

4) The cats. Still entertaining, but they have gotten warier since the onset of mobility, so they have accordingly dropped in the rankings a bit.

5) Hollering, especially while in the baby jumper or standing in his "baby prison" (that's what daddy calls the playpen). We think he's organizing the troops for an uprising, as he tends to wave his arms as if giving directions. Luckily, he is still too short to be flagging the Homeland Security radar.

6) Empty gallon jugs. Perhaps this accounts for his being what diaper experts call a "heavy wetter."

7) Images of himself--I've mentioned this before. But he's only interested in live ones, as in mirrors or other reflective surfaces like the oven door. He seems discomfited by photographs/portraits of himself, despite being terribly photogenic (see the flickr site for new pics, BTW).

8) Board books, especially the cutest, most PC (and most tasty) baby book ever, Everywhere Babies

9) Gerber fruit and veggie puffs. I can almost hear his Homer Simpson voice: "Mmmm, puffs."

10) Baby Einstein DVDs. I don't think this kid would ever get a mani or pedi if BE didn't exist. He especially loves going right up to the TV and smacking the screen when he sees the fiber-optic lights, which are his favorite part. I see him working at a Spencer Gifts during high school. Also, the cases of the DVDs are extremely good for noshing on.

I guess Mommy or Daddy should be on this list somewhere, but since we are his Mostly Companions, we're not entirely sure he knows we're all separate entities. I wonder how long you see yourself as defined by your familial unit. Of course, I'm not sure I'll ever grow out of that myself, so I guess I have my answer: if you're lucky, you don't grow out of it--the family just morphs and changes around you..